Monday, 6 June 2011

Bac to the Campaign!

As OfSTED was long overdue for us by March, I took the decision to focus fully on preparations for the inspection, hence the break in the blog. The inspection went very well - we were given "Good with Outstanding Features". Significantly, our curriculum was praised, in spite of the fact that we only gained 1% on E-Bac last year. The full report can be read in the usual way on the OfSTED web-site.
Although OfSTED came just before Easter, we then had our full Section 48 SIAS inspection as a Church of England Academy just after Easter That too went very well - we were judged to be outstanding in all areas.

ASA launch the Modern Baccalaureate

During that time, we continued our development work on an alternative to Gove's E-Bac, and we are pleased to announce that we have finally released our own Bac. Called the "Modern Baccalaureate", we believe that it is highly inclusive, aspirational and personalised. Full details of the award can be found, along with information on how to join the pilot, at the following address:

We will give more information about this in subsequent blogs.

Join our Campaign on 38 Degrees!

The web-site “38 Degrees” has helped hundreds of thousands of people to hold the Coalition Government to account on a number of issues, including its plans to privatise our forests (plans which were quickly dropped), and more recently, Andrew Lansley’s reforms of the NHS (which gave rise to the famous “pause for further reflection”).

We would like everyone who believes the E-Bac to be a flawed concept to join us in asking the government to pause, reflect, consult with the Profession, and support the development of a more modern baccalaureate - because our children deserve better.

To show your protest against the E-Bac, follow the link below:

Andrew Chubb

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