Friday, 4 February 2011

Alliance builds for a "fuller" baccalaureate

Over the past two days, I have been outlining to delegates at the Independent Academies Association our proposals for giving students a much rounder baccalaureate than the "E-Bacc" currently proposed by the Secretary of State.  The ideas have been enthusiastically received by many  academy principals, who are keen to ensure that students' interests are kept at the heart of curriculum reform.  Delegates welcomed the broader range of subjects at the core, and the wider range of options open to students.

I am also pleased to announce that "Whole Education", chaired by Dr. John Dunford (recent General Secretary of ASCL), is now working with us to develop our baccalaureate further.

Over the coming week, we will be refining further the core principles of our award, in preparation for a more general release in the near future.

Andrew Chubb

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