Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Delegates at "Whole Education" conference have first sight of our new award

Warm Reception

This afternoon, I presented the principles underpinning our alternative baccalaureate for the first time, at the Whole Education conference in Manchester.  The outline of the new award was very well received by delegates, who also made some constructive suggestions as to how we could tweak it further. This first draft will be put onto our website, which will be "live" in a few days' time.

Consensus Building

Over the past few weeks, I have spoken to many people of varying political persuasions about the E-Bacc. Some of these are individuals speaking for themselves, whilst others represent organisations.  To date, every single one has expressed the view that there is now a great opportunity to develop the idea of a baccalaureate into an award that will add real value to students' education, and improve their life opportunities.  When the website goes live, you will be able to post any comments on the site, and have your say.  We look forward to your helping us to "build a better bacc"

Andrew Chubb

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