Friday, 11 February 2011

National Governors' Association join coalition to "Build a Better Bacc""

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Today the National Governors’ Association joined our coalition to ‘build a better bacc’.  The NGA represents schools governors in England  and is committed to ensuring all young people are encouraged to pursue a broad range of studies that best equips them for life and helps them to develop their full potential.   

Emma Knights, NGA’s Chief Executive, commented ‘We are delighted that Archbishop Sentanu Academy, the Curriculum Foundation, and Whole Education have initiated this coalition.  The development of a better bacc is an extremely positive response to the introduction of the English bacc, and the National Governors’ Association is pleased to be able to play its part in supporting the educational professionals to shape this alternative.’

For more information about NGA, see

I would encourage all NGA members to log on to our web-site, where they can leave comments about the principles that  they believe should underpin the development of a new, world-class, baccalaureate.

Andrew Chubb

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